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Women in Graduate Management Education

Motivations and Journeys of Female Candidates

Looking Ahead

How COVID is Shaping 2021 Candidate Journeys

Business schools see dramatic rise in applications

Demand for MBAs Rebounds Amid Economic Crisis

Student Mobility

International student mobility towards the US and UK to accelerate

Impact of US Elections on International Student Mobility

Biden Victory Represents New Path Forward for American Business—And Business Schools

Optimism and 2021 MBA Hiring

Business Graduates’ Optimism Defies Pandemic Pressures

Employers Expect 2021 Hiring of MBA and Business Master’s to Rebound

Why Now Is a Good Time for Post-Graduate Jobs in the UK

MBA Salaries Bounce Back After Coronavirus Uncertainty

After MBA Hiring Drop-Off In 2020, A More Optimistic Outlook For 2021

MBA hiring demand recovers to pre-pandemic levels (subscription required)

Interest in Hiring MBAs Has Swung Back to Pre-pandemic Levels — Or So Say Banks, Consultancies, and Tech Companies

Companies Expect MBA Hiring to Return to Pre-COVID Levels in 2021

MBA Salary Premium Endures Under COVID-19 Pressure

Are Companies Offering Business School Internships and Jobs Right Now?

Diversity and the Future of B-School

How Business Schools Are Adapting to Promote Diversity

In a Bid to Diversify, Firms Expand Business School Recruiting

GMAC Paints Vivid Picture Of The Changing Face Of Biz Ed

MBA Reboot article

Pulling Rank

A Decade-Long Stall for Black Enrollment in MBA Programs

How Can Business Schools Tackle Racial Inequality? (subscription required)

SEC Business Deans Band Together to Spotlight Issues of Diversity and Inclusion

Future of B-School Rankings

The Rise Of Asian Business Schools: Ranking The Best MBA Options

U.S. News Decides to Move Forward with Its MBA Ranking

The Economist Pushes Back Business School Ranking

Letter Requests Delay in the Development of Business School Rankings

GMAC Leads A Call For A Pause on MBA Rankings

Opinion: COVID-19 Underscores Why Business School Rankings Are Losing Relevance

Businessweek Agrees to Suspend Its MBA Ranking This Year

GMAT News and Notes

Online GMAT Will Now Be A Permanent Option

GMAC Testing Innovations: Results from GMAC’s 2019 Soft Skills Pilot

GMAC Continues Transition to Long-Term Support of Schools and Candidates Through Full Application Cycle, Increasing Parity Across Test Center and Online Exams

GMAC Announces Physical Whiteboard Option and Date Extension for the GMAT Online Exam and Executive Assessment Online

Testing Center Operating Status During COVID-19

The GMAT™ Online Exam

Taking the Online Interim GMAT – One Auditor’s Experience 

GMAC Research + Market Intelligence

Firms Voice Increased Hiring Projections for MBA Graduates in 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hiring of Business School Graduates: Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020

Infographic: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hiring of Business School Graduates: Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Disrupts Plans but Not Aspirations of Prospective Business School Students

Impact of COVID-19 on Prospective Students Considering European Business Schools

Did COVID-19 Impact Hiring Demand and Salaries for MBA and Business Master’s Graduates?

How Are Women Business School Candidates Responding to the Impact of COVID-19?