The GMAT™ Focus Edition

The only admissions exam designed for today's graduate business programs that seek to attract the most globally diverse candidate pipeline exclusively committed to a business degree.

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The Next Evolution of the GMAT

Redesigned in partnership with leading business schools and prospective business school candidates, the GMAT has evolved to reflect the rapidly changing business landscape. The GMAT Focus Edition continues the legacy of being the only graduate business entrance exam that uncovers motivated and qualified candidates who will be successful in the classroom and beyond by:

  • Providing a significantly more valid prediction of a candidate’s ability to succeed in the business school classroom than the GRE General Test.
  • Assessing relevant skillsets, such as data analytics, that are increasingly in-demand in today’s business environment.

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Important Dates

The GMAT™ Exam will continue to be available to candidates until early 2024 to facilitate their in-progress preparation and applications for business school.

GMAT™ Focus Edition Timeline

  • Registration – Now Open
  • Testing Starts – November 7, 2023

Rest assured, GMAT™ Official Prep will be available to support candidates in achieving success on either version of the GMAT.

Ensure you have the widest and most qualified pool of candidates with an assessment that has evolved to meet candidate needs:


GMAT™ Focus Edition was designed from the ground up to have broad appeal to candidates. Because it includes only three 45-minute sections and no essay, it is almost an hour shorter than the  GMAT™ Exam and requires reduced prep time.


Improvements to the candidate experience include the introduction of the Question Review & Edit feature, more candidate score sending control and flexibility, and increased options for section order selection.


After the exam, candidates can leverage detailed insights through an improved Official Score Report to assess their strengths and focus areas.

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