The GMAT™ Focus Edition

Build a qualified and diverse applicant pool with the graduate business exam that is focused on relevant candidate skills.

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Coming Later This Year: the Next Evolution of the GMAT™ Exam

Redesigned in partnership with leading business schools and prospective business school candidates, the GMAT has evolved to reflect the rapidly changing business landscape. 

After speaking with over 60 school professionals representing a wide mix of program types and sizes at schools from around the world and in-depth concept testing with nearly 5,400 candidates globally representing a mix of demographic characteristics, GMAC was able to identify several driving themes to inform the direction that led to the updated exam. 

The GMAT™ Focus Edition is more efficient, flexible, and insightful by honing in on the higher-order critical reasoning skills and data literacy especially relevant and applicable in the business environment of tomorrow.

Looking Forward

The current version of the GMAT™ exam will continue to be available to candidates until early next year to facilitate their in-progress preparation and applications for business school. Additionally, we are excited to provide timeframes for GMAT™ Focus Official Prep, registration, and appointment availability:

Rest assured, GMAT™ Official Prep will be available to support candidates in achieving success on either version of the GMAT.

Ensure you have the widest and most qualified pool of candidates with an assessment that has evolved to meet candidate needs:


GMAT™ Focus Edition was designed from the ground up to have broad appeal to candidates. Because it includes only three 45-minute sections and no essay, it is almost an hour shorter than the current version of the GMAT™ and requires reduced prep time.


Improvements to the candidate experience include the introduction of the Question Review & Edit feature, more candidate score sending control and flexibility, and increased options for section order selection.


After the exam, candidates can leverage detailed insights through an improved Official Score Report to assess their strengths and focus areas.

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