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We believe that every GMAT exam test taker should have easy access to the best exam preparation materials available, so we developed a variety of helpful products.

Through, we offer a portfolio of free and fee-based products to help candidates prepare for the GMAT exam. Unlike other products on the market, our GMAT exam prep materials feature retired questions, giving prospective students the best chance of success on the GMAT exam.

Prepare Students for the GMAT Exam

Featured resources include:

  • GMAT preparation materials: Test preparation available free to registered users of
  • A GMAT preparation checklist: Study pointers students need so they arrive prepared on the day of their GMAT exam.
  • GMAT Write: An online tool that helps you prepare for the Analytical Writing Assessment with confidence.

Up-To-Date Information Designed Specifically for Prospective Students

The GMAT Handbook (pdf) contains everything test takers need to know to take the GMAT exam. The Handbook includes:

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers
  • Registration and scheduling instructions
  • Test fees, policies, and procedures
  • Privacy policy
  • Non-disclosure agreement and general terms of use
  • Testing rules

Test takers must agree to all terms and conditions stated in the Handbook edition in effect when the test is taken. The most up-to-date Handbook, with terms and conditions that may have changed between annual printings, is always available on