Marketing & Research Collateral

Promotional collateral to help you increase your candidate pipeline.

GMAC is committed to helping you increase the pool of viable candidates for your graduate management program.

As part of this commitment, we offer promotional collateral and research publications to organizations and schools.

Our materials (listed below) can be downloaded to provide to candidates and are designed to promote the value of graduate management education.

Outreach Materials 

Planner for US Military Personnel
The Operation MBA Military Planner helps US military personnel understand how to leverage their leadership and management experience to explore an exciting post-military career.

Research Materials

Alumni Perspectives Survey
These surveys follow MBA graduates long-term to understand their career progression, their expectations, their attitudes about work, their assessment of their education, and general market trends.

Application Trends Survey
Annual survey of admission professionals designed to gauge demand for various program types, provide information on applicant pool composition, assess acceptance and enrollment rates, and document enrollment structure and incoming class size.

Corporate Recruiters Survey
This annual survey helps schools better understand the job market, clarify employer expectations, and benchmark their career services practices. Employers use the survey results to benchmark the MBA recruitment activities of their companies. Prospective Students Survey
A profile of more than 10,000 global candidates reveals that prospective students have a clear vision for their future and know what they want from their b-school experience.

Employer Poll
The Year-End Poll of Employers gathers employment information from participating employers to provide a recap of actual hiring outcomes and an early picture of the year's hiring outlook for graduate business students worldwide.