GMAC's Other Assessments

In addition to the GMAT™ Exam, GMAC also owns the NMAT by GMAC™ and the Executive Assessment. The acquisition and development of these additional exams strengthens our mission of supporting quality management education.

NMAT by GMAC™ exam enables schools to recruit top talent and measures the essential skills needed to succeed in their programs while giving candidates the confidence to perform their best.

Assuming ownership of the NMAT by GMAC exam provides GMAC with new opportunities to partake in efforts to improve the accessibility of admissions to graduate management programs by encouraging participation of a deeper and more diverse candidate pool in India.

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The Executive Assessment is designed to evaluate business school readiness in the context of career experience.

The development and launch of the Executive Assessment, in partnership with leading business schools from around the world, provides EMBA admissions professionals with an understanding of a candidate's program readiness by measuring skills that are critical for success at work and in an EMBA program.

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