GMAC™ Business Fundamentals, powered by Kaplan

Business Fundamentals is designed to ensure your students start with a level playing field so that they succeed in the classroom.

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How Business Fundamentals Can Work For You

Three critical courses–Accounting, Finance, and Statistics (including spreadsheets)–allow candidates to master foundational quantitative skills and overcome any knowledge gaps.
Courses are taught and have been reviewed by faculty from various schools to ensure topics are relevant and students can establish a common starting point.
You’ll receive a PDF report for each of the students that will display scores for all exam attempts, across all courses, broken out by course topics.

Decades of Experience

As the makers of the GMAT™ exam, GMAC™ is a global, mission-driven association of leading graduate business schools. Kaplan adds decades-long expertise in how people learn, joining GMAC™ in creating this powerful program.

"GMAC's Business Fundamentals gives incoming MBA students an advantage by covering the essential concepts and material needed."

– Jim Campasano, Assistant Teaching Professor of Finance at Northeastern University