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Key Benefits

  • All GMAT accepting programs are automatically included in search results displayed to candidates. Basic profile information is automatically added and includes university name, school name, program name, program city, state, and country. To add additional information to your program (view a sample Program Profile), login and select the link to "Request Changes" (view sample Program Finder Change Request Form). You have the ability to review and update your information as often as you like. 
  • Increase the potential for connecting with the right students for your program. Students use both general search criteria such as program degree or program type and specific criteria like area of study to find information about prospective programs. Make sure your program is included in each search type by receiving GMAT scores for each program at your school, learn more by visiting
  • Feature your information sessions and recruiting events. Program Finder includes a listing of your current in-person and online recruiting events, information sessions, application, financial aid, and scholarship deadlines entered through our Calendar of Events tool.

Program Finder has the power of promotion to connect your program to the nearly 600,000 prospective students who visit every month.

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