Program Finder: How it Works

Learn how to maximize your use of this tool.

Learn about the data collection and workflow process for Program Finder.

We've streamlined the data collection and review process to provide you with a simple and easy-to-use promotional tool.

  • After your program profile has been updated by us, the primary contact for the program will receive an automated email notification with a link to review it. Note: each program will receive a separate notification email. The link included in the email will direct you to the Program Finder Administration page.
  • The default review period is set to 14 days. If we do not receive a response within this period,  the profile will be automatically published on on the 14th day.
  • If you prefer, you can immediately publish your program profile by selecting the Approve button next to the program name.
  • If changes are required, select the Request Changes button for each of the programs you would like to publish immediately.  

  • For changes submitted on a "Change Request Form", we will update your program profile with your requested changes (usually within 1-2 business days) and we will publish it on You will receive an email notification when your profile has been published.

  • Annually we refresh a majority of the program data obtained from your program websites, the primary contact will be given an opportunity to view the updated profile before it is published.

Contact to:

  • Update or add a primary contact for your program to allow for editing and approval of your program profile
  • Change the length of the default review period for one or all of your programs
  • Request assistance with this tool