Recruit Students for Your Program

Our targeted tools and programs can help you find the right candidates.

Reach out to potential students and build relationships that lead to enrollment.

Your name and your message are out there. Potential candidates are aware of your programs. They’re expressing interest. Now that your marketing is working, it’s time to start recruiting. We can help you establish contacts, target individuals, and build the relationships that lead to confirmed enrollments.

Find Candidates with Custom Searches

The Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) database helps you find and connect with aspiring candidates who have the specific qualifications and background you’re looking for. The GMASS service is a database of 355,000 GMAT and registrants that you search using your own criteria. Available by subscription to schools that use the GMAT exam.

Diversify Your US Candidate Pool

Diversity brings richness, insight, and texture to any graduate management program. Our extensive Diversity Net resources can help you find and recruit African American, Latino, and Native American candidates, and better understand the legal aspects of diversity-related policies.

Attract Candidates with Military Experience

Through Operation MBA, we can help you build productive recruitment events or campaigns that appeal to military personnel. These motivated, skilled, and dynamic individuals bring great insight and perspective to your program, thanks to their varied experiences and in-depth training.

Other Value-Added Services

Although the GMAT exam is the core of our overall offerings, there is much more we can do for you. We also apply our deep expertise and vast experience to marketing and research services designed to help you expand your reach and recruit the best candidates for your program.