Diversify Your Candidate Pool

GMAC diversity insights can help you make a world of difference.

It has never been more important to understand, appreciate, and embrace the role of diversity in your program.

Diversity has many faces and no one definition will fit every program. GMAC research has shown—and graduate management programs agree—that diverse classrooms enrich the educational experience of all students. Many Fortune 500 companies list diversity as a global business imperative, and yet the challenge for many organizations is finding and developing “diverse” talent.

If your goal is to diversify your applicant pool by age, ethnicity, citizenship, undergraduate major, or a variety of other descriptors, GMAC offers products, services, and research that can assist. The GMASS database of 355,000 names of mba.com registrants, GMAT test registrants, and GMAT test takers is a rich source of information for GMAT accepting schools. In addition, our webinars and interactive research provide intelligence on everything from the interests and apprehensions of specific populations (i.e. geographic, gender, ethnicity, and age) to their influencers and potential mobility.

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