GMAC™ Business Writing Assessment

Evaluating the critical thinking and writing skills of future business leaders.

In the era of generative AI, evaluating critical thinking and communication skills is crucial for graduate business admissions, and traditional application materials may offer an incomplete picture of a candidate's readiness. 

The GMAC Business Writing Assessment provides the missing piece. This tool comprehensively assesses a candidate's ability to analyze complex issues and articulate ideas clearly in English - vital skills for success, not just in management education today, but tomorrow’s dynamic corporate landscape.

The Business Writing Assessment is designed to help admissions teams make well-informed admissions decisions with insights into each candidate’s reasoning and writing abilities:

  • Writing in a structured and organized manner.
  • Analyzing and presenting evidence through written communication.
  • Using reason and logic in an argument.
  • Expressing ideas clearly and concisely in English.

Assessment Format

The Business Writing Assessment is a concise 30-minute online writing task designed to evaluate candidates’ abilities to analyze and critique arguments effectively. The arguments include a range of topics relevant to both business and general interest. Specific knowledge of the topic is not required. Each assessment is evaluated using a standardized rubric, scored in one-point increments on a scale of 0 to 6. 

Receiving Results from Candidates

  • Within 3-5 days upon completion of the Business Writing Assessment, candidates will receive their score.
  • Candidates can then send their results for free to participating programs.
  • Results sent to your program will be accessible via a secure file sharing process.

Availability of the Business Writing Assessment

The Business Writing Assessment will be delivered online year-round, with flexible scheduling to accommodate candidates’ needs. Registration will open soon.


  • Registration: USD $30
  • Rescheduling (within 72 hrs. of appointment): USD $8 

Accepting the Assessment

If you would like to include the Business Writing Assessment as a part of your admissions process, please fill out our interest form.