Palm Vein Identification

Next generation authentication for the GMAT™ Exam

Palm Vein ScannerWe’re committed to ensuring that the GMAT exam is a fair measure of your ability. That’s why the GMAT exam is the first high-stakes test to adopt palm vein recognition for positive test-taker identification. The new technology will improve the check-in process, ensure that each test-taker has a single GMAT record, and prevent people from testing under assumed names.

Increased Security to Protect Your Privacy

Palm vein recognition examines the unique patterns in your palm veins, using technology like that in a TV remote. Every individual has a palm vein pattern that remains unique over time and is virtually impossible to forge. Because the system is fast, safe and highly accurate, palm vein recognition is replacing digital fingerprinting at all GMAT testing centers (you will still be required to provide photo ID, sit for a photograph, and provide a digital signature during the check-in process). The palm vein recognition system is highly secure, with many safeguards built in to protect your privacy.

Simple to Use, Yet Incredibly Accurate

Palm vein recognition is quick and simple, yet less intrusive and more accurate than a fingerprint. When you are admitted for your exam, you simply place your hand on the guide above the two-inch-square sensor. A near-infrared light translates your palm vein pattern into a secure digital template. This process takes only seconds, yet represents the most advanced authentication technology available in high-stakes testing.