Enhancements to the GMAT™ Test Taking and Test Preparation Experiences

Improving the test taking experience to grow the candidate pipeline.

A Better GMAT for a Better Candidate

GMAC is always working to make the GMAT test-taking experience better than it was the day before. With tools that help candidates take control of their studies and gain greater confidence in their abilities, a positive GMAT experience will guide them to their highest score yet. From how and where to focus their studies to test-taking strategy and getting familiar with the exam, the total GMAT experience is designed to make test takers feel comfortable and perform their best, so you can fill your programs with better prepared applicants whom you consider to be your best and brightest.

Online Cancel & Reinstate

Candidates have 72 hours after their exam to cancel their score online for a $25 fee, which previously could only be done within a 2 minute window at the test center. 

In addition, we also allow candidates to reinstate their score online (previously only possible via call center), and extending the reinstate time period from 60 days to the 5 year life of the exam. The reinstate fee has also been reduced from $100 to $50. 

These new features are part of our continuing effort to provide candidates with a more positive GMAT experience, and will provide them with additional flexibility and control through the score reporting process.  

Remove "C" from GMAT Score Reports

All GMAT score reports no longer include the "C" for self-cancelled scores. Removing this information provides test takers more control and confidence in their GMAT experience and prevents misinterpretation of, or unfair weighting of cancelled scores in an applicant profile.

This feature was also applied retroactively to all previously cancelled scores. Score reports that have already been sent to schools cannot be modified, however schools make choose to remove cancelled exams from their databases.

GMAC will continue to report other types of cancellations to schools, e.g., exams that were cancelled for technical issues (code "T") or policy violations (codes "P" and "S").

Repeat Exam in 16 Days

GMAT test takers are able to re-take the GMAT exam 16 days after the previous test date, which was reduced from 31 days. This feature allows more flexibility for test takers to accommodate schedules or application deadlines.

The total number of times a test taker can take the GMAT exam remains five times within a 12-month period.

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report

GMAT Enhanced Score Report SampleProspective graduate business students and GMAT test takers can gain deeper insight into their performance with the GMAT Enhanced Score Report. In addition to the usual section scores and total scores, test takers can also see how they performed on the specific skills tested in each section, how long it took to complete each question, and see how their skill level compares with other test takers from the past three years.

Key features include:

  • Overall section performance ranking
  • Sub-section ranking
  • Time management ranking
  • Percentage of questions answered correctly
  • Average response time
  • Ability to benchmark against other test takers from the past three years
  • Customized summary report for each section that assesses strengths and weaknesses

GMAT Score Preview and Score Reinstate

GMAT Score PreviewBefore leaving the test center, test takers can view unofficial scores before deciding to accept or cancel to take the exam again another time. Unofficial scores include Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal and Total, and they have two minutes to make their decision. That's why it's important for test takers to come into the exam knowing what score they're willing to accept. If no choice is made, scores are automatically canceled.

If they choose to cancel their score at the test center, scores can be reinstated within 60 days of the test date for a $100 fee. After that time, scores become irretrievable. Analytical Writing Assessment scores are only included on official score reports delivered within 20 days.

Two recommendations for test takers to get the most out of this feature (1) know what score they are willing to accept in advance, so that when asked about sending or canceling scores, they have already considered their answer, and (2) understand that they have 60 days to reinstate a score they may have canceled but decide later that they want to send.