Calibrate Student Performance (VSS)

Get hard data from our Validity Study Service [VSS] to enhance your admissions decisions.

A complimentary and customizable service to help you make the tough calls or justify the ones you’ve already made.

These are the applicants who keep you up at nights: The ambitious entrepreneur with a 4.0 undergraduate GPA but low GMAT scores, or the energetic undergraduate with the solid GMAT scores but a very low GPA. And, what about the applicant that you didn’t select who now questions the fairness of your decision? GMAC offers GMAT accepting schools a customizable, statistically rigorous service—the Validity Study Service (VSS)—to provide quantitative data to enhance candidate selection or justify the admissions you’ve already made.

Rob Chabot, Associate Director, Ohio State University“In the past, we never had numbers to prove our ‘gut feelings’ about admissions. With the Validity Study Service, we now do.”

Rob Chabot
Associate Director
The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business

VSS is a statistical analysis of your student information that offers:

  • Fast availability: Typical turnaround to receive your free custom report is under two business weeks. You can prepare and submit your data using our automated online service, adding to the convenience, or you can work directly with a GMAC psychometrician to ensure you have all the features you want.
  • Transparency: The breakdown shows how GMAT scores and grades work together, and adds science to the art of admissions. You receive tables clearly showing who succeeds in your programs, helping you protect against charges of unfairness, improving your decision making process, and helping you quantify accreditation actions. 
  • Customization to meet your unique requirements: Add your own predictive factors such as: work experience; interview scores; grouping variables—international vs. domestic; part-time vs. full-time; or outcomes such as quantitative GPA, job offers, and more. The more data you add, the more precise the study will be.
  • Full-service: Our GMAC psychometrician will work with you to submit as many data points as you choose. Sign-up to accept GMAT scores to be eligible for this invaluable service.

The Data You Need to Drive Smart Decisions

The Validity Study Service (VSS) gives you hard data on:

  • How to weigh variables like test scores, work, and grades for different student populations (male/female, traditional/non-traditional, and domestic/international).
  • How different programs at your school should weight different admissions factors differently.
  • How important some specific variables are in predicting success.

Get Started

If you're ready for your data to be analyzed, first download and fill out the VSS spreadsheet then launch the tool to upload.