GMAC Survey Series

Insights from across the student lifecycle

From candidates' first consideration of GME to alums' career trajectories, GMAC's survey research provides insights across the student lifecycle. 


Global GME Candidate Segmentation

  • Our segmentation framework differentiates candidates by their motivations, providing you with new insights to understand demand and connect with prospective students.  

GMAC Prospective Students Survey

  • Provides an inside look into the motivations, preferences, program choices, needs, and opinions of thousands of individuals who are contemplating taking the GMAT exam. 

Application Trends Survey

  • Offers timely insights on the current market for graduate business school applicants based responses from GME admissions offices around the world.

Corporate Recruiters Survey 

  • Provides vital insights to keep business schools up-to-date on the latest trends in the hiring market for recent MBA and business master’s graduates. 

Alumni Perspectives Survey 

  • Quantifies the perspectives and outcomes of GME among global alumni. 

Graduate business school programs that participate in select surveys receive exclusive benefits, including access to:

  • Interactive data reports that enable you to explore the surveys question-by-question and filter the data by multiple variables
  • Benchmark reports that allow you to compare your programs' survey results to those of your peer programs

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