The Graduate Management Admission Council: Membership


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The Graduate Management Admission Council is comprised of a group of graduate business and management schools from around the world aligned with the values of GMAC and committed to enhancing the quality of graduate management education. While more than 7000 graduate business or business adjacent programs leverage our projects and services, 227 schools representing 34 countries shape our membership community. These members form a global network of institutions committed to exchanging ideas and best practices to serve the collective interests of management education worldwide.  

Participating business schools provide significant value to the Council in many ways, from contributing to relevant research through data sharing, serving on committees such as the GME Admissions Reporting Task Force or a product advisory group, and through the exchange of ideas at GMAC conferences and events. Member schools enable the Council to innovate, evolve, engage, and improve the industry while reflecting GMAC's commitment to excellence in graduate management education. 

Membership in GMAC is school-based and is open to institutions that maintain a selective admissions process and offer a master's program in business administration or management subjects or equivalent. Membership is by invitation only. To learn more about GMAC Membership, visit our membership pages on