GMAC Culture

Our Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values: Driving Everything We Do

By living our organizational values day to day and honoring our mission, vision and purpose statements, we seek to build lasting connections within our organization and the education community, both today and for the future.


We see a world where talent matched with aspiration can benefit from the best business school education possible.


Our mission is to provide the solutions necessary for schools and candidates to discover and evaluate each other.


To ensure talent never goes undiscovered.


  • Courage: We are courageous in challenging the status quo.
  • Creativity: While doing so, we need to be creative in how we solve problems. Without courage and creativity, we will not stay relevant.
  • Listening: To act with courage and creativity, we listen to the market and our stakeholders and act on what we hear.
  • Collaboration: Action requires collaboration. We cannot accomplish our mission as individuals or even as one organization.
  • Integrity: Above all, we act with unfailing integrity to ensure honesty and fairness.