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GMAC presents webinars and virtual discussions to offer the GME community opportunities to connect and learn online.  The webinars and virtual discussions will cover a variety of topics ranging from leading research to best practice discussions relevant to the GME professional.  We look forward to seeing you online.

Learn to Develop a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. There’s a lot of talk about Gen Z and their evolving relationship with email. Despite the nay-sayers, email continues to be an efficient and affordable channel to connect with prospective students. Join this informative webinar with GMAC industry expert, Christa Johnson-Perkins, and her guest Jay Schwedelson, as they share what the candidate mindset is in 2023 and to learn how you can quickly implement impactful email marketing today to start seeing results tomorrow. 

April 25, 2023

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What’s New and What’s Trending? GMAC Prospective Students Survey Webinar

In this year’s survey, GMAC added new questions to give graduate business schools more insights into the motivations and social conscience of prospective students. How are first-generation candidates uniquely navigating their GME journey? Are candidates more motivated to pursue GME to build their inner life or seek more traditional outcomes like greater salaries or career advancement? How do prospective students expect business schools and future employers to engage with the political and social challenges of our complex and interconnected world? Join GMAC for a webinar addressing these questions and more using new findings and longitudinal data from the GMAC Prospective Students Survey, which explores the motivations, curricular preferences, and career aspirations of GME candidates worldwide.

May 3, 2023

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