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An Update to the “GMAT Focus Edition” Name

At GMAC, we are continuously working to provide the solutions necessary for schools and candidates to discover and evaluate each other easily and efficiently, such as with the introduction of the GMAT™ Focus Edition. The “GMAT Focus Edition” name served as a crucial distinction between it and the previous version of the GMAT while both were in the market in late 2023 and early 2024. With only one version of the exam available, we are transitioning back to using the "GMAT Exam" name from July 1, 2024 onward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

The “GMAT Focus Edition” name will revert to the “GMAT Exam.” The only element of the GMAT Focus Edition that is changing is the name. The exam’s structure, content, scoring, and test features will remain the same.

How will this affect schools? 

When receiving and reviewing scores from candidates after July 1, 2024, Official Score Reports will say “GMAT Exam (Focus Edition)” instead of “GMAT Focus Edition.” Scores will still end in a 5. 

Additionally, for further clarity, scores from the previous edition of the exam will be labeled “GMAT Exam (10th Edition). This is the version of the exam that was available between 2012 and 2024. Scores will still end in a zero 0.

What is the GMAT Exam (10th Edition)? Is there an 11th Edition?

The GMAT Exam (10th Edition) is the previous version of the test that was available between 2012 and 2024. Technically, the 11th Edition of the exam is the GMAT Focus Edition. However, we gave it a special name to emphasize its increased focus on relevant business skills.

How will this affect score reporting?

If you are retrieving scores via the score reporting API or importing the CSV-format file into a system configured by column headings, you will need to make sure your score reporting system is ready to accept the new files on July 1, 2024 to avoid any disruption in receiving GMAT score data. You will not need to make any updates if you’re downloading TXT-format score data files or importing the CSV-format into a system configured by file index. We recommend reviewing the latest Access GMAT Scores documentation to ensure you and your team are familiar with the score downloading process and can make any necessary changes on July 1, 2024.

Do I need to update our website, marketing materials, etc.?

While the “GMAT Focus Edition” name will officially revert to the “GMAT Exam” by July 1, please take whatever time you need. It will be made explicitly clear to business school candidates that any reference to the GMAT Focus Edition outside of,, and the registration process will refer to the most recent version of the GMAT. For specific questions, please contact your market development manager at GMAC or reach out to us at

Are there any materials you can provide us to help with this update? 

Yes! You can download our Name Change Toolkit here, which includes, GMAT logos and branding guidance to assist you in updating your materials and boilerplate for your website and marketing materials.

Useful Resources

GMAC has developed tools for you to learn about and promote the GMAT™ Focus Edition. The resources here can also be shared with students at your school/in your program.

Presentations, Videos & Webinars

Overview Presentation (PDF)

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Score Concordance

GMAT Total Score Concordance Table (Updated January 2024)


GMAT Quantitative Reasoning Score Concordance Table (Updated January 2024)


GMAT Verbal Reasoning Score Concordance Table (Updated January 2024)


Score Reporting

The GMAT™ Focus Edition Score Reporting File Layouts


Sample Official Score Report (School) - Before July 1, 2024


Sample Official Score Report (School) - After July 1, 2024


Sample Official Score Report (Candidate)