Feature Students & Alumni (Meet B-School Students & Alumni)

Showcase your students or alumni on mba.com.

GMAC offers opportunities to feature your students and alumni on mba.com.

What opportunities are available?

Student and Alumni Profiles: Nominate alumni with unique backgrounds or career paths to be featured on mba.com. Or, send us high-quality photos or videos of your current students and we’ll post them on our Diverse Candidates, Military Candidates, and Women Candidates sections of mba.com. We may also feature them on homepage banners and landing pages.

Why participate?

Nominating your outstanding students is another way to get the benefits of your program in front of prospective student from around the world. Students and alumni speak on a variety of topics related to their experiences in your graduate management program.

Who can participate?

Admissions professionals from GMAT accepting schools are encouraged to participate in this free service.

What's involved?

Whether you're providing a video blog or an alumni profile, the total time commitment is minimal. Video bloggers spend some time preparing their posts, but the total recording time is between one to two minutes. For written alumni profiles, the time commitment includes only a brief phone interview.

How Are Students and Alumni Promoted?

Students and alumni are promoted on the Official GMAT Facebook page and on mba.com, which receives, on average, 460,000 unique visitors each month.

How Do I Get Started?

To nominate your students or alumni for these opportunities, or to upload photos of your current students, please fill out and submit the Participate in Promotional Opportunities form. Once you submit your completed form and picture, we'll contact you with next steps for participating in this promotional opportunity.

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