Program Finder Formats

We reformat some fields to make it easier for students to view and compare your program profile.

Regardless of what's included on your program profile, occasionally we may reformat some of your data to make it easier for prospective students to find your program or to compare your program with others.

GMAC may make edits to the following fields:

  • GMAT Score: we may add a descriptor such as "Average Total: XXX" to this field.
  • Tuition & Fees: we may add descriptions such as "Residents, Per Credit Hour: EUR 15.000" or "Per Semester: USD 7,000". In addition we use three digit international standard currency codes such as EUR, GBP, USD to display all tuition and fee information.
  • Work Experience: we may add a field descriptor such as "Average: X Years" or "Minimum: X Years".
  • Class/Program: we may add field descriptors such as "Class Size: XX- XX" or "Program Size: 134".
  • Employment Information: we may reformat information we find on your website to "75% of graduates are offered employment within 3 months after graduation." or "90% of students are employed upon completion of our program."