Why Accept the Executive Assessment?

Join your peers in accepting the Executive Assessment

GMAC partnered with business schools around the world to create a tailored assessment to help you better evaluate experienced candidates. The Executive Assessment is currently accepted at several leading business schools from around the world. 

Top 10 Advantages of accepting the Executive Assessment

  • The Executive Assessment is specifically designed for Experienced Professionals.
  • Executive Assessment scores are highly correlated to classroom performance.
  • The assessment is focused on helping you assess candidate readiness (and not necessarily on screening candidates out).
  • Because the assessment is comprised of three short 30-minute sections and requires modest preparation, candidates have told us it is less of a hurdle.
  • Taking the assessment will allow candidates to demonstrate their commitment to your program and in turn help you gain earlier visibility into your pipeline.
  • The assessment will help you understand which candidates are ready now and which ones need some foundational support before or during the program.
  • Designed to meet the high quality levels for which GMAC is known, the Executive Assessment will assist you in maintaining brand standards for your program.
  • The assessment is globally accessible year round at over 600 centers.
  • Using the assessment can help you gain greater consistency in admissions rigor.
  • The assessment provides an objective tool to help you ensure a consistent classroom experience.