Business Master’s Programs

Resources for business master’s programs (MIM, specialized master’s)

More than 3,000 business master’s programs use GMAC products and services to reach and recruit students.

Market data and insights

GMAC regularly develops and shares insights arising from our research suite and ensures that these include content that specifically addresses business master’s programs.

We have developed a segmentation model you can use to understand candidate motivations and inspire action. Motivational segmentations are universal, avoid cultural bias, and remain stable over time.

Marketing tools

If you are seeking to recruit undergraduates into your graduate business programs, let our Undergraduate Recruitment Toolkit be your guide.

At the end of 2019, GMAC undertook a survey of undergraduates. Findings from the research have been turned into a four-part series of actionable insights:

  1. Better Market Your Business Master’s Program to Undergraduates (Now and After COVID-19)
  2. Bachelor to Business Master’s: What Motivates Certain Students to Make the Leap?
  3. Decoding Money Hesitations: Why Undergraduates Really Say ‘No’ to Graduate School
  4. How to Turn Non-Believers Into Graduate School Believers

Professional development

The Master’s Leadership Conference is our flagship event for those with strategic oversight of the business master’s portfolio of programs. The next symposium will take place in March 2021.

Content that addresses the specific needs of staff working with business master’s programs are woven into all our events, including Annual Conference, the Admissions Institute for New Professionals, and our global symposia. Past events are available in the Learning Library.