Job Demand Strong for China's Graduate Business Students

Demand for Those With Graduate Management Degrees Is Up Among Chinese Employers, According to a New Report From the Graduate Management Admission Council

HONG KONG--(Marketwire - Nov 6, 2012) - Job Trends for China and Hong Kong 2012, which compiles data from GMAC surveys and Geographic Trend Reports, finds 86 percent of Chinese companies planned to hire new MBAs in 2012, and 85 percent of Chinese students attending graduate business programs in China had job offers by graduation.

"Today, young, ambitious Chinese are studying at Business Schools all over the world -- but with increasing demand for MBA graduates among Chinese companies, it's not surprising that more and more are choosing domestic programs," said Julia Herries, GMAC Asia-Pacific Regional Director. "We are also seeing increasing numbers of foreign students wanting to capitalize on the opportunities provided by China's growing economy, by studying at Chinese Business schools. In the past year, Indian, South Korean and North American students were the top three foreign groups sending GMAT scores to graduate management programs in China -- a trend we expect will continue to grow in the coming years."

Key Findings

MBA Hiring Trends in China

  • Some 86 percent of Chinese employers planned to hire new MBAs in 2012, exceeding both the global average (79 percent of companies) and the Asia-Pacific regional average (80 percent of companies). A greater proportion of Chinese employers plan to hire MBAs in 2012 than reported hiring MBAs in 2011 (72 percent).
  • Demand for MBAs among Chinese firms was the second-highest globally among regions analyzed in 2012, after Indian companies (88 percent), but well ahead of US companies (79 percent) and European companies (67 percent) that expected to hire recent 2012 MBA graduates.

Jobs Report for Chinese B-School Grads

  • The top three industries where students graduating from Chinese business schools searched for jobs in 2012 were: products & services (25 percent), manufacturing (22 percent), and high technology (18 percent).
  • 85 percent of all Chinese students attending domestic business schools reported they had job offers when surveyed a month or two before graduation.
  • Graduates from full-time two-year MBA programs in China who had job offers reported salary increases of more than 71 percent from their pre-degree earnings.

Demand for Graduate Management Education in China

  • Of GMAT exams taken in testing year 2012 (1 July 2011-30 June 2012), Chinese residents represented the second-largest citizenship group, after the United States. Some 46,736 Chinese residents (44,464 living in mainland China and 2,272 living in Hong Kong) sat for the GMAT exam, representing 52 percent of the total 89,782 exams taken by all Asia-Pacific residents.
  • Top score sending-destinations worldwide for Chinese and Hong Kong residents in TY2012 were the United States (76 percent of score reports sent), Hong Kong (7 percent), Canada (4 percent), and the United Kingdom (4 percent).

Findings in this Data-to-Go are derived from several sources, including:

  • Responses from 36 employers in China who participated in the GMAC 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey.
  • Responses from 131 graduates of business schools in China who participated in the GMAC 2012 Global Management Education Graduate Survey.
  • Responses from 2,189 residents of China and Hong Kong who participated in the GMAC 2012 Prospective Students Survey.
  • GMAT test taker data form 46,739 test takers living in China (44,464) and Hong Kong (2,272).

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