GMAC Launches GMAT Enhanced Score Report

Report Just One Part of GMAC’s Efforts to Provide Students with More Control and Confidence

JAN. 29, 2015 -RESTON, Va. -- The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), owner and publisher of the GMAT exam, today announced the launch of the new GMAT Enhanced Score Report, providing test takers of the GMAT exam with access to an in-depth analysis their overall performance on the GMAT including their performance on the various sections and subsections within the exam. 

The report provides metrics that describe everything from the test taker’s average time to answer each question type, to overall time management relative to other test takers, and provides insight and analysis about how students might use the report to talk about or improve their score.  This new GMAT Enhanced Score Report, which is delivered to a test taker following their sitting of the exam, joins the GMATPrep Enhanced Score Report introduced in 2014 with which students can guide their study and practice when using GMAC’s official GMATPrep.

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report is one part of a series of new products GMAC has developed to help students perform their best, understand how to interpret and manage their score, present it in the strongest possible way to schools or take steps to improve their score.

Both Enhanced Score Reports and the Score Preview feature provide test takers with greater control over how and when they report their scores to the schools to which they are applying.  In 2014, GMAC introduced the Score Preview feature for the GMAT exam that allows test takers to cancel a GMAT score if it isn’t up to their standards or expectations, before sending it to a school.

“The value of the GMAT Enhanced Score Report is that, used alone or together with the GMAT’s other prep and score reporting features,  it can help students strengthen their performance, improve their scores and be better prepared for the process of applying to business school,” said Ashok Sarathy, vice president of Product Management at GMAC.  “With the control that comes from these features, students can be confident that they are putting their best foot – and their best GMAT score – forward.”

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report can be purchased following the taking of the GMAT exam for $24.99 (USD) through the store.  The GMATPrep Enhanced Score Report is a part of the Exam Pack 1 package of GMATPrep and comes with two additional practice exams and nearly 100 additional practice questions and is also available at the store.  The GMAT Score Preview feature is part of the GMAT exam test-day experience, with students making an accept-or-cancel score decision at the test center.

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