The PhD Project

Providing peer support to future business professors.

GMAC is a founding sponsor of this award-winning program aimed at increasing faculty diversity at US business schools.

Since 1994, the PhD Project’s extensive network has provided more than 1,600 Black/African Americans, Latinx/Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans the tools and resources to become business professors at leading universities around the world. As faculty, they serve as role models to attract and mentor future generations of minority students to become the future professors of tomorrow.

GMAC has provided US$4.7 million in total funding since 1994 in support of The PhD Project's mission. There are currently 300 minority doctoral students in programs and The PhD Project is helping them pursue their dream of earning a doctoral degree.

Goals of the PhD Project

  • Inform and educate minorities about all aspects of a business doctoral program, and encourage them to follow their dreams of becoming a professor
  • Provide a nurturing support network for minorities as they navigate their doctoral program
  • Increase the number of minority business professors who can function as role models and mentors
  • Influence more minorities to pursue business degrees and careers
  • Increase the number of minority applicants to fill critical positions in the business disciplines
  • Improve the preparation of all students by allowing them to experience the richness of learning from a faculty with diverse backgrounds
  • Reach the goal of a better prepared and more diversified workforce to service a diversified customer base