Public Policy

Advocating on behalf of the industry and driven by the latest market intelligence and data trends, our initiatives are designed to elevate the value of and preference for business education. We actively share stakeholder insights, partner with organizations that demonstrate shared values and commitments, and work alongside seasoned stakeholders on legislation and policies that we believe we can impact. Our dedicated efforts are designed to generate awareness, articulate viewpoints, and impact relevant GME policy. 

2019 Chair’s Initiative

Early Warning SignalsWhen we share our collective insights and stories, we raise the visibility of business education and demonstrate the value of MBA and business master’s degrees. By assembling and participating in coalitions with thought leaders, we can examine industry trends and offer our own insights into the evolving GME landscape. In 2019, GMAC published the report “Early Warning Signals: Winners and Losers in the Global Race for Talent” to highlight market insights and industry perspectives on the impact of policies, legislation, and environments in which the free flow of talent is restricted. Further, 50 deans and 13 CEOs   issued an open letter in the Wall Street Journal in October 2019 calling for policy change.