AI in Graduate Management Education

Gain insights from across GMAC to better understand the growing role of AI in GME

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AI in Business Education Spotlight Series

GMAC’s AI in Business Education case study series spotlights the integration of artificial intelligence in graduate management education, focusing on curriculum development, administrative processes, and strategic applications.

IMD—Learn how IMD developed a unique “Expert-AI” large language model that allows participants to access and interact with a program-specific AI assistant trained not just on the full course content but also transcripts of classroom discussion, articles authored by faculty instructors, and thousands of entries in the IMD research article database. Read the IMD case study

AI Glossary: Essential Terms and Concepts for Getting Started

Sure, there’s a lot of talk about AI—but what are we really talking about? With clear definitions and explanations, this incomplete set of terms offers a solid understanding of AI basics, how it works, and the critical considerations involved in its application and interpretation. (And yes, AI helped develop it). Check out the glossary

More GMAC Research

  • GMAC Prospective Students Survey 2024 Report – In addition to updates on core themes about trends in the candidate pipeline, program preferences, mobility considerations, and career goals, the 2024 report detailed the latest information on candidate interest in studying artificial intelligence, finding candidate demand for AI grew 38% year-over-year, with two-fifths now saying it is essential to their business school curricula.

From the Candidate Perspective

More From the Industry

  • Building Future-Ready Business Schools With Generative AI (AACSB) – AACSB International presents pivotal focus areas for business schools to explore, emphasizing ways they can enhance learning experiences, highlighting essential strategies for business school leaders to realize their ambitious organizational goals, and envisioning potential futures for business education.