Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2024 Report

June 2024


Based on responses from nearly 1,000 corporate recruiters and staffing firms around the world, the Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2024 Report examines the latest data about skill demand, hiring, compensation, and perceptions of MBA and business master’s graduates. In addition to new updates around these core themes, this year’s report explores what employers think about artificial intelligence (AI), and how it fits into the ideal toolbox of current and future technical and human skills associated with graduate management education (GME). Employers indicate business schools are setting up their graduates for success, with surging levels of confidence in GME graduates and favorable hiring outcomes and projections.


Quick Facts

  • What’s new in 2024: Most employers are not too concerned about AI for today’s GME grads, but its importance is expected to grow—and soon.
  • Future-ready skills: Employers say the top three most important skills for current GME graduates are problem-solving, communication, and strategic thinking—with general consensus across regions.
  • Employer confidence in GME: Employer confidence in GME is growing on measures of graduate success, promotion, and earnings—especially in the age of remote and hybrid work.
  • Hiring & compensation: Despite nearly three-quarters of employers reporting major or moderate influence of inflation and recession fears on their hiring decisions, more than a quarter of employers plan to expand their hiring of GME graduates in 2024, with a plurality planning steady hiring across degree types.