About Our Research Content

How GMAC delivers market insights

Looking for a quick update on what’s new in the market? Want all the gritty details? From timely, short analyses to fully developed in-house studies, GMAC publishes research content best suited to meet your needs.

Deans Summary

  • Find “the big picture” and quick facts in the abridged version of our research reports tailored to a leadership audience.

Assessment Report

  • Gain insights into the latest trends in GMAT testing data. Available to those with a GMAC account.

Psychometric Report

  • Learn more about science behind and the validity of the GMAT exam.

Research Report

  • Get the full story of new findings and latest trends from one of our recurring research projects, such as our annual Application Trends Survey, Prospective Students Survey, or Corporate Recruiters Survey.


  • Zoom in on key stats and figures about complex ideas that are best communicated visually.

Analysis at a Glance

  • Find information focused on a particular region, degree, or candidate type with the most important details of our research on just a page or two.

Research Brief

  • Make connections across our research projects and hone in on specific topics most of interest to the industry in just a couple of pages.


  • Hear experts from GMAC and across the industry bring our research to life with relevant conversations on the latest trends and newest findings.

White Paper

  • Go in-depth on a specific topic with new information from one or several of our research projects to better understand the state of the market.