Add a GMAT™ Program Code

Get the most out of GMAC by securing a GMAT code for each graduate management program you offer.

Adding a New Program? Add a New Program Code

Your GMAT code gives you access to a full-range of GMAC tools, products, and services designed to help you meet your goals and make your day-to-day work more efficient and effective. To take the fullest advantage of all the GMAC resources at your disposal, you should secure a GMAT program code for each graduate program you offer. Having unique GMAT program codes will make it easier:

  • For prospective students to find you
  • For you to identify and benchmark the competition for each of your programs
  • For you to maximize your marketing by tailoring messages to your prospects’ interests

Help Students Find You With Ease

You provide two critical pieces of information when you register your program with GMAC to secure a GMAT code:

  • Your program name: What you call your program in your marketing materials
  • Your program types: The universal description GMAC uses so prospects can match programs to their areas of interest
Add a GMAT™ Program Code

Here’s an example:

University, School Program Name Program Type
Wilson University, Wilson College of Management MS in Marketing Analysis MA/MS/MSc in Marketing
Wilson University, Wilson College of Management MS in Applied Finance MA/MS/MSc in Finance

The distinction is important. GMAT test takers can send their scores to as many as five programs–for free. Prospective students who are familiar with your program offerings or who have specific interest in your school will most likely recognize you by your program name, so will know to include you on their list of GMAT score recipients. But there may be countless others who are unfamiliar with your program—some who might be an excellent fit for you—who could still find you in a search by program type. For example, a student interested in a Marketing program can search for “MA/MS/MSc in Marketing” programs by using the “Program Type” search field. If your program is registered by this program type, it will appear on the list and the candidate can then choose to send you their score results. Properly cataloguing your program by type will make it easier for students to find you and increase your potential for connecting with students who offer the right fit for your program.

Identify and Benchmark Your Competition

As a GMAT accepting school, you receive management reports for each of your programs that has a GMAT code. Management reports are an important strategic tool because:

  • They provide you with insight into the profiles of those test takers sending their scores to your program, such as their GMAT mean, GMAT score ranges, and demographic and geographic summaries.
  • They help you identify your competition by showing you the other programs where your prospective students send their scores.

Tailor Your Marketing to Your Prospects’ Interests

Schools often send mass communications to their prospects and hope that the message reaches the right individuals and resonates with them. Casting a wide net to catch the right few, isn’t the most efficient or effective way to spend precious marketing resources. If you are able to segment your prospects based on their program interest, you can target your messages and increase the likelihood that the right messages are getting through to the right candidates. When you secure a unique code for each of your programs, you’ll be able to increase marketing efficiency through audience segmentation.

Update or Remove an Existing Code

To update a GMAT program code for an existing program, or to remove a program no longer accepting GMAT scores, please contact