IMD: AI in Business Education

May 2024


GMAC’s AI in Business Education case study series spotlights the integration of artificial intelligence in graduate management education, focusing on curriculum development, administrative processes, and strategic applications. Learn how IMD developed a unique “Expert-AI” large language model that allows participants to access and interact with a program-specific AI assistant trained not just on the full course content but also transcripts of classroom discussion, articles authored by faculty instructors, and thousands of entries in the IMD research article database.


Quick Facts

  • Build or buy: IMD took a pragmatic approach to the question of buying “off-the-shelf” solutions or investing in development.
  • Staff upskilling: The steering committee emphasized empowering human growth and wellness rather than replacing humans.
  • Gain strategic alignment from the start: To avoid the mushrooming of decentralized experiments across the organization, begin by setting up governance and key principles that will help set priorities and guide investments.
  • Be agile, starting with small pilots to test and learn: Select projects with limited scope that you can implement quickly and then iterate, iterate, iterate.