Gen Z in the GME Pipeline: Explain Why It’s Worth It

2023 GMAC Gen Z Report

June 2023


Gen Z in the GME Pipeline: Explain Why It’s Worth It presents findings from a new qualitative research study of Gen Zers from Germany, the United States, India, China, Peru, and Nigeria. Candidates share their attitudes, interests, and dreams alongside their motivations and barriers to pursuing graduate management education (GME). 


Quick Facts

What Gen Z Want from Business School

  • In the classroom, Gen Z want flexibility, real-world application that translates to tangible skills, and opportunities for personal growth through networking and exposure to different perspectives.
  • Gen Z are laser-focused on seeing a return on their investment if they pursue GME. And ROI corresponds to multiple dimensions of success, not just money.
  • Gen Z want personalized advice from students, alumni, and their families and friends early in the application process. They want to hear from more professional sources closer to application deadlines.

How Gen Z Define Career Success and Future Goals

  • Gen Zers view stability as key to their careers and future goals. They are seeking financial independence, good employers, and fulfilling personal lives.
  • Gen Z consider mental health, wellness, and work/life balance as key dimensions of their academic, career, and personal futures – but Gen Z are still ambitious.
  • There is an emotional undercurrent of Gen Zers’ decision-making. They want to feel proud of their accomplishments – and they want to make their family and friends proud, too.