GMAC Prospective Students Survey – 2023 Deans Summary

April 2023


This Deans Summary highlights the key themes and insights of the GMAC Prospective Students Survey – 2023 Summary Report.

It continues to explore trends in the candidate pipeline, program preferences, and career goals as well as new questions added to this year’s survey about first-generation candidates, motivations for pursuing GME, and social issues like sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Quick Facts

2023 Prospective Students Survey, Dean's SummaryWhat’s New in 2023? 

  • Forty-two percent of respondents view sustainability or CSR as curricular must-haves and are more likely to seek out organizations involved in social good post-GME. 
  • Globally, 79 percent of prospective students are motivated to pursue GME to enrich their lives and develop their potential – 15 percentage points more than the next-best motivator, increasing income. 
  • Forty-one percent of first-generation candidates report cost as a barrier that may prevent them from pursuing GME compared to 29 percent of non-first-generation candidates. 

Program and Career Preferences 

  • The one-year MBA overtakes the two-year MBA as being the most preferred program type, but interest in full-time MBAs remains strong overall. 
  • Gen Z, the newest cohort entering the GME pipeline, prefers in-person, full-time learning. 
  • Some candidates perceive online programs as less valuable – even those who plan to apply to online programs. 
  • Millennials are more interested in tech, Gen Z are more interested in finance and accounting.