Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2022 Deans Summary

June 2022


This Deans Summary highlights the key themes and insights of the Corporate Recruiters Survey – 2022 Summary Report. 

It explores the state of employer demand for graduate business school talent in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and includes responses from nearly 1,000 corporate recruiters and staffing firms around the world.

Quick Facts

  • Corporate Recruiters Survey 2022 Dean's SummaryIn total, 941 respondents completed this survey, including 539 corporate recruiters and 402 from staffing firms.
  • Overall, 92 percent of corporate recruiters say they expect to hire newly minted MBAs this year, as do 95 percent of staffing firms.
  • Overall, 87 percent of corporate recruiters said they are either highly confident (36%) or confident (52%) in the ability of business schools to prepare students to be successful in their organizations.