GMAC Board Members Map

The GMAC Board of Directors is comprised of 16 directors who are qualified, nominated, and elected, each for a four (4) year term. The current Board consists of member school deans and representatives as well as executives from four (4) continents and nine (9) countries. These individuals have been charged with guiding GMAC to ensure that it sustains its mission, protect its assets, and pursue business opportunities nimbly.

The current Board Chair is Jon Erickson, Retired President, Education and Career Services at ACT. You can learn more about all the directors by accessing their bios on

2021 GMAC Board Members Map 

Interested in serving on the Board of Directors or nominating a colleague? The Board nomination process typically begins in December and the election is held in April. The membership is invited to put forward names of qualified deans and representatives for open positions for consideration as identified by the Nominating & Governance Committee. To learn more about the governance structure and/or the Board nomination process and timeline, please explore the About Us pages of