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Frequently Asked Questions about Program Finder

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What is Program Finder?

Program Finder is a robust database of all GMAT accepting programs that allows students to view, search, compare and connect with schools. 

Schools benefit by having GMAC create and maintain program profile information. Updates can be requested by using a simple form at any time and all programs are automatically included in this service for programs that accept the GMAT exam.

How does GMAC gather the data for Program Finder?

We gather data directly from schools’ websites for the Program Finder database.

When is data collected for Program Finder?

Data is updated by GMAC annually each fall or upon receipt of the Program Finder change request form at any time during the year.

How are programs added to Program Finder?

Program Finder contains only those programs that accept the GMAT exam and have a GMAT code. If there is a program at your school that does not have a GMAT code, you may request a code by submitting the Add/Update a GMAT code form.

What information is included in my Program Finder profile on

All GMAT accepting programs will have a basic profile on the site, listing their university name, school name, program name, location, and type of program. This information will be able to be viewed, searched, compared, and saved by students. 

For GMAC member schools we include additional information in an enhanced profile. This includes data such as application deadlines, start dates, tuition, and fees. 

All schools will have the ability to submit changes to their program data and add data to move their program from a basic profile to an enhanced profile using the Program Finder Change Request form on

What is the difference between a basic profile and an enhanced profile?

A basic profile contains minimal information (name, program type, and area of study) that is derived based on the program type code. Enhanced profiles contain additional information such as a program overview, areas of study, program size, and more. This information is obtained from the school's program website. Enhanced profiles also be added to the comparison tool in Program Finder on

Can a basic profile be converted to an enhanced profile?

Yes, all basic profiles can be converted to enhanced profiles by providing additional information and submitting a change request form.

My program start dates are incorrect. How were they determined?

If no information was available on the program website, start dates were based on either the university date for the term or were defaulted to the first of the month if there was no university term start date in that month. This data may be updated by submitting a change request form.

Who can request changes to a Program Finder profile?

The primary contact at each GMAC member school will be the default contact. (The primary contact for GMAC is an existing role designated by the school’s dean.) If the primary contact wishes to assign a new contact or add contacts to a program, a request can be submitted on the Program Finder Change Request form. For schools that don’t have a primary contact, we will accept changes from all school personnel that have a verified account.

When are changes processed and will I be notified?

We make every effort to process changes on the day they are received, however at times it may take up to two business days. Multiple requests for the same program can be submitted even if previous requests have not yet been processed. We will notify you via email when your requested changes have been published, with the exception of minor changes. You can always review your program information at any time by visiting the Program Finder Administration page