Job Openings in Graduate Management Education

Frequently Asked Questions about GME Job Openings.

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How did GMAC begin to offer this service?

This service started as part of our free, bimonthly, online newsletter, Graduate Management News. To help you find the right candidates for your open positions, we will automatically list any current openings in each edition of Graduate Management News, which now reaches more than 20,000 subscribers.

How do I post available jobs at my school?

To post a job, please visit the Post Openings page and enter the following information: 

  • Institution 
  • Program 
  • Position 
  • Title 
  • Job category 
  • Reports To 
  • Main Responsibilities 
  • Position open/close dates 
  • Contact Information 
  • How to Apply Information

How long does the job posting remain up?

We will make your listing available for the dates you list in the position open/close dates. To extend this period, update this field on the Post Openings page.

What does this service cost?

Our listing service is free to graduate business schools. Post your job opening where admissions, career services, student services, and financial services professionals look for new opportunities.

What kinds of jobs are posted?

The job postings are posted in the following categories: 

  • Admissions 
  • Career Services 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Programs 
  • Student Services 
  • Other