Application Trends Survey Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions About the Application Trends Survey Questionnaire

Twice a year, the Graduate Management Admission Council collects application data from master’s-level business schools.

  • Preliminary Application Trends Survey: This short survey collects mid-cycle application volumes during the month of February. The primary information collected during this survey include application volume and direction (overall and citizenship), the quality of the applicant pool, and some open-ended questions. Participating programs receive an interactive benchmark report in March.
  • Application Trends Survey: The ‘main’ version of the Application Trends Survey collects data from business school programs from the beginning of June to July. This survey collects data on application volume and volume direction (overall, citizenship, gender), applicant citizenship, work experience, test usage, candidate quality and more. Participating programs receive an interactive benchmark report.

This site has answers to common questions we receive from survey participants about filling out the survey questionnaire and submitting data for your graduate business programs.

If you have a question that doesn't appear in our FAQ list, or if you need more information in general about how to participate in the survey, or are experiencing problems, please email us at

For how many graduate business programs can I enter data?

You can report application trends data for as many of your graduate-level business programs as you wish. You will receive a separate benchmark report for each program that you submit.

For what types of programs can I enter data? 

You can enter data for any graduate-level business program, including, but not limited to:

  • MBA programs (all formats, including full-time 2-year, full-time 1-year, part-time, flexible, executive, or online);
  • Other business master’s programs, such as Master in Management, Master of Finance, Master of Accounting, Master in Data Analytics, Master in Supply Chain Management, Master in Marketing, etc.;
  • PhD-level business programs; and
  • PGP programs

I realized I made an error when I entered my information. Can I go back and correct it?

No, unfortunately the survey program does not allow you to return to the survey questionnaire once your answers have been submitted. You will need to contact the GMAC Research Department at and report the error. They will be able to update the information for you. When you email them, be sure to include your university name, the name of your program, and if possible, the Record #. (You can locate the Record # by clicking on the survey URL. It will be listed along with the programs that have been entered.)

Can I save partial responses and come back at a later time to complete the survey questionnaire? 

No. You must enter all of the data for each program in one sitting. The questionnaire program does not allow respondents to review and change data once all responses have been submitted.

Does my browser need to have JavaScript enabled?

Yes, for the questions to appear properly, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

How can I use my browser to print my entry?

Here are directions for three common browsers:

  • Chrome: Right click with your mouse, then select ‘Print’ from the list of options.
  • Internet Explorer: Click on the tools icon in the far upper right corner; select 'Print' from the drop-down menu.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Left-click on the ‘Open-menu’ in the far upper right corner; click on the print icon.

The program type I want to submit data for in the survey is not listed in the drop-down menu of available programs. What does this list represent?

The list of programs on the first page of the survey represents each of the programs for which your university has a GMAT score-sending ID. It is possible that you may have one GMAT ID that is used for multiple programs, or that you are missing a GMAT ID for one or more of your programs.

I can’t find one of our programs in the GMAT drop-down menu. Can I still submit data for it?

Yes, to enter data for your program if it is not included in the drop-down menu, click ‘New Program’ and type in the program details on the next page.

There are multiple programs associated with one of our GMAT ID codes. What do I do?

You can enter data for each of the programs separately: 

  • From the first screen, select the GMAT code that corresponds to the program. On the next screen, use the ‘Program Name’ and ‘Program Type’ fields to distinguish among your different full-time MBA programs. If you need more room to explain the differences, please do so in the ‘Other Program Information’ field.
  • Or, click ‘New Program.’

The drop-down menu has GMAT codes that are not ours. How do we handle these?

There are several ways to address this situation:

  • Is the GMAT code associated with a program within your university? If so, you may forward your survey invitation email to the correct person at your university who is affiliated with that program and encourage them to complete the survey. He or she will use the same survey URL that was sent to you.
  • Is the GMAT code associated with a program at another university? If so, please contact the GMAC Research Department at so that we can correct our records. 
  • Is the GMAT code associated with a program that no longer exists? If so, please contact the GMAC Research Department at and we will update our records.

How can I review data for a program I have already entered?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to go back and review the data you entered. You will be able to see your responses when you receive your benchmark report in August. If you must review data sooner than that, please contact the GMAC Research Department at

After I submit an entry, will I receive an email confirming that it has been received?

This year, we are unable to send emails to confirm receipt of completed entries.
You may go to the first page of the survey link, however, to see the programs that have been completed to date.

Will my responses remain confidential?

Yes, the information you provide will be kept confidential. Survey results are reported only in the aggregate, such that no individual response is reported. GMAC has minimum acceptable respondent size reporting requirements to protect confidentiality. Your school’s responses cannot be identified by another school. GMAC’s complete Survey Privacy and Confidentiality statement can be found here.