GMAC Member Directory

Frequently Asked Questions about the GMAC™ Member Directory.

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Who has access to the GMAC member directory?

Deans and their designated representatives from GMAC member schools may access our electronic, up-to-date member directory.

How do I request consideration?

A school may express interest in becoming a member by addressing a request to the chair of the Membership Committee via email: The Membership Committee will meet not less than once a year to recommend to the Board whether or not to extend invitations. There is no guarantee that any invitations will be extended at any point in time. The decision to extend membership is made by the full Board at its sole discretion.

How does a school become a member?

Invitations to membership are at the sole discretion of the GMAC Board of Directors, which is charged with maintaining a membership that reflects and supports the Council’s mission to create access to graduate management education worldwide.