GMAT™ Interactive Profile

Frequently Asked Questions about the GMAT Interactive Profile.

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How does this differ from your names products?

It provides data, not contact information, so there is no personally identifiable information contained within this database and this database contains all users, not just those who opt in to be searchable. 

The data contained within this application is updated on a twice yearly basis, using data on all test takers who completed the GMAT during the defined time period. 

This service does not have a fee associated with it.

What are the features of the Interactive Profile?

It contains 5 sections of data: 

  • Personal and geographic 
  • Educational experience 
  • Intended graduate degree information 
  • GMAT history 
  • Work information 

There are two report options: 

  • Summary (counts of up to 16 categories) 
  • Detailed (crosstabs of 2–3 categories)

What can you tell me about the data?

GMAT Interactive Profile uses GMAT Data organized by testing years (July 1 – June 30) and utilizes data only on instances of the exam that have recieved a Reportable (valid) Score. 

Test takers may test more than once and the percentage of tests taken by repeat test takers is approximately 21%. Background information questionnaire (BIQ) responses are optional.

Who can access this product?

Authorized users from graduate management institutions that accept the GMAT scores. To request access, please contact us at