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Our products and services help you find, connect and identify the right talent for your program.

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GMAT Exam finds talent.

The right candidates for your programs. The GMAT exam shines a spotlight on talent and helps your school build a stronger classroom with highly motivated and highly qualified candidates worldwide. Accepting the GMAT will help you better assess the quality of candidates who are interested in your program.

Assess Talent

GMASS finds talent.Connecting you with the best global talent. Your name and your message are out there and candidates are expressing interest. Now that your marketing is working, it’s time to start recruiting. The Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) database helps you find and connect with aspiring candidates who have the specific qualifications and background you’re looking for.

Recruit Talent

GMAC Research finds talent.Market research for every step in the student lifecycle. GMAC survey research and market intelligence helps you make fact-based decisions that can influence your strategy, recruitment, and marketing efforts.

Identify Talent