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GMAC Research Webinar
International Student Mobility: The Latest Data and Analysis

Recorded on May 24, 2017

GMAC researchers hosted a webinar to share an update on the status of international candidate demand in light of the current political climate.

Data and analysis were pooled from a variety of sources to give registrants an up-to-date snapshot of international candidate perceptions, decision-making factors, and application sending behavior. The trends discussed provided schools with a useful benchmark to assess their own numbers at this point in the admissions cycle.

Following the 30-minute presentation, webinar attendees continued the dialogue in a Q&A session with the presenters. 

Watch the Recording and Download the Slides PDF

Watch the Recording of GMAC Webinar Held on March 8, 2017

GMAC conducted a webinar on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, that focused on recent immigration policy changes and the rapidly changing political landscape. Expert legal counsel discussed the current legal status of travel and immigration policy rules, Presidential Executive Orders and Department of Homeland Security memos, what can be expected in the coming weeks and months (such as potential changes to H1-B visas and Optional Practical Training (OPT)), and how these changes may impact the education community both in the U.S. and worldwide. The webinar recording and Q&A document are available to GMAC members and representatives from schools that accept the Graduate Management Admission Test™.


    Study in the States – government website that explains the rules and regulations governing the international student process in the United States

    SEVIS Help Hub – central location for school officials to access information regarding student records, school records and SEVIS release updates

    I-94 Website – government website international students can access or retrieve their I-94 admission number/record

    The White House website

    U.S. House of Representatives – find your federal representative

    U.S. Senate – how to contact Senators

    U.S. House of Representatives website – find out about legislative activity, leadership and committees

    U.S. Senate website – find out about legislative activity and committees – track federal legislation