GMAC Supports Educational Equity for All

GMAC supports inclusive admissions practices and educational equity for all. In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the use of race-conscious admissions criteria, GMAC reiterates our commitment to advocating on behalf of business schools and candidates for solutions that ensure equitable access in the admissions process. As an organization, we are deeply committed to supporting our campus partners in the U.S. and beyond to advance the cause of an inclusive and accessible approach to graduate management education. 

The educational benefits of a diverse campus add immense value to all. We know that inclusive admissions advance our society, improve educational outcomes and strengthen our world. Education has proven to be an important pathway toward career advancement, especially for marginalized people around the world and it must remain fully accessible. At GMAC, we support admission policies designed to promote greater diversity, and allow colleges and universities to consider a holistic set of qualifications and lived experiences presented by candidates. 

We look forward to a day when the legacy of racial discrimination in education is behind us, and until that time, we will remain committed to promoting and supporting educational equity for all.