MBAs of Impact Nominations

GMAC Needs You!

As you know, GMAC is committed to building and diversifying the business school pipeline and have continued to expand efforts to attract and develop under-represented minority candidates. In 2017, with your help, GMAC engaged nearly 12,000 URM* candidates via newsletters, digital events, a prep pilot and targeted campaigns. In each URM newsletter, we featured an 'MBA of Impact'—an MBA student/alumnus of color who is blazing trails and making an impact in their careers and/or communities. Our final URM activity of the year was a Google Hangout session (entitled 'MBAs of Impact') which featured four URM MBAs and offered interested candidates the opportunity to learn about their journeys and respective b-school experiences as well as gain insights on the value of an MBA. Learn about the panelists here.

To enhance the effort and attract a broader URM audience, we want to offer access to notable MBAs who are making headlines and are likely to resonate with future leaders either by name, industry, organization, title or story. Our vision is to showcase a variety (or a mixture) of prominent URM MBA business leaders, trailblazers and community leaders during digital interviews, in newsletters, and on to facilitate engagement and foster relatability among URM prospective students.

Here’s how you can help: You have INCREDIBLE alumni and your programs played foundational roles in many of their successes. Please nominate your URM alumni (who fit the description above) to participate in this effort. Research indicates that URM often don’t "see" themselves in business or have access to role models who have charted the course. This is a great way to inspire up-and-coming future business leaders, show them the multiple (and varied) opportunities afforded by an MBA and inform them of resources (like your programs) that can help them reach the same heights and beyond.

To nominate your alumni, please send an email with following information to

  • Nominating Program/School
  • Nominating
  • Alumni Name
  • Alumni Grad Year
  • Alumni Industry
  • Alumni Title
  • Directions and info for contacting the nominee (alumni email/phone, work through school contact, etc.)

*URMs are classified as African American, Hispanic and Latino, and Native American people.