Americas Tip of the Month: GMASS

Receive new leads directly to your inbox - weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

Weekly Recurring Searches are the best way to grow and streamline your pipeline with relevant and timely candidates.

 The benefits of setting a recurring search are:

  • You’re guaranteed to never miss a candidate.
  • Pre-Test Names: Your programs are guaranteed to get the most current names in the data pool of candidates signing up on Reach out to candidates before they have chosen where to send their scores on GMAT test day. Socialize the benefits of your university and programs.
  • GMAT Names:  Receive the most current test takers names right after their scores have been sent. Immediate outreach can incentivize students to choose your university or a particular program.
  • Save Time: You only need to set up your search parameters one time for the ideal candidate for your programs.
  • Ensure timely outreach from your nurture campaigns to timely candidates waiting to hear from your program.
  • Simplified PO Process: We have streamlined the payment process for GMASS names. Run your search, immediately receive names, pay within 30 days by PO or credit card.  You don’t need to pay before receiving and reaching out to candidates.

To learn more about recurring searches or for help setting up a recurring search at your university, please reach out to your GMAC Contact.