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Deb Somers Greetings and happy February!

I hope you have had a great start to 2019. It’s been an exciting start to the new year for us here at GMAC and I thought I’d share some of the news in case you missed it.

Over recent years our schools have asked that GMAC provide more opportunities for them to get their brand and unique value proposition in front of candidates. That message was amplified in the 2018 School Satisfaction survey when schools highlighted being heard in a very crowded and competitive market among their biggest challenges. 

GMAC Media Solutions

Your requests for marketing support were not falling on deaf ears.  We’ve been busy trying to figure out how to best use our assets (, BusinessBecause, Hubspot) to help you solve this challenge. And with that, I am excited to inform you of the creation of GMAC Media Solutions.

GMAC Media Solutions is a unique set of marketing and advertising tools that will allow you to connect with prospects early in the exploration and decision-making process. Multi-channel digital marketing and advertising (including on will help you boost awareness and demonstrate compatibility with target applicant groups, driving consideration for your programs.  So, if you are looking to build your brand, generate leads or showcase your school and programs’ expertise GMAC Media Solutions might be the answer.

If you are interested in learning more about this new resource, please contact me ( or Sara and James (details below). 

GMAC acquires The MBA Tour

You’ve also asked us to do more to help grow the candidate pipeline and so we were excited to announce last month that GMAC has acquired The MBA Tour. While 2019 will largely be business as usual, over time we will be looking to grow MBA Tour’s core offering, expand into additional markets and explore ways to deepen the interaction between business schools and prospective students in a personalized, data-rich manner. 

No doubt more on this later in the year but do get in contact if you have any questions.

GMAC’s Director, Master Programs 

Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Rebecca Loades who took on a new role heading up GMAC’s masters initiatives globally. The GMAC Europe Team is really pleased that Rebecca decided to relocate back to Europe and so is now based with us in the London office. Even more reason to come visit us if you are ever in London! 

Well that’s all for now. Do get in touch with questions, suggestions and if you are passing through London we really would love to see you!

Deborah Somers 
Regional Director, Europe

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