Undergraduate Student Survey

Undergraduate Prospective Student Survey

Take part in our undergraduate student survey, get a free benchmarking report

The journey to business school starts long before a student visits your website, downloads a course brochure, or meets you at an event. While the Prospective Student Survey is an invaluable resource to help you develop targeted messaging and communications that will inspire prospective students to submit an application, GMAC wants to help you reach and influence students earlier in their decision-making. And to do that we need your help.

In Q3 2019, GMAC will launch a new global survey designed to explore when and how undergraduates make decisions about what’s next, particularly as it pertains to further study. We want to reach undergraduate students from all majors to help answer the following questions:

  • What are their attitudes towards further study – not just graduate management education – and what role does it play in their career?
  • What do they expect from further study, and what could stop them in their journey?
  • Where do they go for information, what resources are used, and what or who influences their decision making?

We will be inviting current undergraduate students to complete our survey and using their responses, in aggregate, to gain a deeper understanding of when and how the seed for graduate management education is planted, and how candidates differ around the world.

Reaching the undergraduate population will be difficult and so GMAC would like to partner with institutions willing to share the survey invitation with students. If your school takes part, you will receive a personalized summary report and access benchmarking data to evaluate how your undergraduates compare to the national and global respondent set. All survey respondents will be entered into a prize drawing to win one of a number of prizes.

To learn more (note this doesn’t mean you’re volunteering to take part!), contact Rebecca Loades, Director, Master Programs (rloades@gmac.com).