Undergraduate Pipeline Quarterly Update

Show Them the Money: Launching GMAC Scholarships for US Undergrads

By Christa Johnson

The On Campus Presence (OCP) program, GMAC’s undergrad initiative, has made great strides this year in growing the candidate pipeline through a variety of initiatives including resource kits for advisors and graduate business schools, national webinars with prominent undergrad honor societies, and exploration of new digital and ambassador programs that continue to share the value of business school with undergrads. Along with those efforts, I’m pleased to announce the inaugural GMAC scholarship program for future graduate business school students! Starting September 3rd, GMAC will begin accepting applications for two scholarships, valued at $1000 and $2500. Scholarships will be awarded to current juniors and seniors planning to pursue a graduate business degree.

To apply, students should send us their resume and a 500-word essay answering the question: How can graduate business school transform and improve the world around you? We encourage students to pull from their own academic, professional, and/or volunteer background and share how that relates to their choices to pursue a graduate business degree. For details on eligibility, visit gmac.com/scholarships.

Here’s where you come in!

Please share this opportunity with your connections in the undergraduate business school and around campus where undergrads may be able to discover these scholarships.

  • Email this flyer to list servs on the undergraduate side of campus or print out to post in dorms, career center, academic advising center, your business school, and other high-traffic areas
  • Post this social media banner on your social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

We’ll be accepting applications through October 31st, 2018 and will notify the winners on or around December 1st. Stay tuned – we’d love to announce a winner from your school in the December issue of Connections! Thank you for your efforts to socialize these scholarships around your campus as GMAC continues to launch new programs that aim to grow the pipeline for graduate management education.