MBAs of Impact Digital Event | December 13

Thanks for your continued support!

This year, we have expanded our efforts in building the pipeline of underrepresented minority* (URM) business school candidates. Here are a few things we have done:

  • Hosted targeted webinars (“Diverse Resources for Minority Candidates” and “Minorities in Business”) that increased awareness of and provided resources for URMs to pursue graduate management education (GME).
  • Funded external research on the impact of for-profit business education programs (results to follow in Q1 2018)
  • Partnered with Magoosh to pilot a GMAT prep program to understand the impact of test preparation on scoring outcomes among URMs.
  • Launched a quarterly URM newsletter series to showcase profiles of current MBA students and alumni of color, organizations that assist URMs through the B-school pipeline and exclusive events and promotions for the URM community. In future issues, we hope to feature an article from a diversity officer and profile schools that value URM candidates.

On December 13th at 3:00 pm ET, we will host our final event for the year; a Google Hangout entitled ‘Minorities of Impact’. We learned through previous research that URM candidates have few meaningful role models with graduate business backgrounds and often perceive that GME is “not for them”. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for candidates to engage with and learn from successful URM MBAs in an informal, relatable manner. The event will consist of a panel of minority MBAs who will share their reasons for pursuing GME and the impact their degree has had on their careers and communities.  We want candidates to leave the event with an expanded view of business and the opportunities available through GME.

In order to expose more URM prospective students to this event, we need your help to spread the word. Here are the steps you can take:


  1. Share this page with colleagues in other departments at the undergraduate level to invite their students.
  2. Share the attached banners on your social media outlets.
  3. Share the attached student invitation with prospective graduate business students who are URM candidates.


*For the purpose of this event, URMs are classified as African American, Hispanic and Latinx, and Native American people.